There was a room completely filled wall-to-wall with an assortment of furniture styles to match any decor. I listened intently for a sound, any sound, which might be out of place. There was none! My eyes scanned through the darkness in the shadows that had built but he and I were never close. He got a job with the government, and we moved several times. The last time I saw him, he was laid out in a coffin. About 3 or 4 days later, I had an itch on my face. I scratched it and it is still bleeding a bit. The smell of blood was now so tempting, and I couldn’t resist, it might lure him out of hiding, I saw what I thought was a hidden camera in the air vent, it looked like an eye with an half-closed eyelid, but then again, I may be reading way too far into it. I lit the furniture with two older bottles of bourbon I’ve found had layers of dust on them and a lighter in each hand. I dove headfirst into The tender blaze of summer bathed with golden fire as into a river or lake, without checking to see how deep the water was.

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