LONELY MEN CLUB, by Mike Kleine, the inaugural text of the Castle Freak remote-residency, out now!

BELFIE HELL, by Shane Jesse Christmass, out now!

CLOG, by Grant Maierhofer, July 2018

BOUND, by Candice Wuehle, August 2018

THE ARTIFACT, by Germán Sierra, October 2018

NYMPHOLEPSY, by Lisa Marie Basile and Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein, November 2018

APPARITIONS OF THE LIVING, by John Trefry, January 2019

THE BLOOD BARN, by Carrie Lorig, March 2019


Mike Kleine's essay on his compositional process for Lonely Men Club is up on [The Fanzine].

JoAnna Novak's Noirmania was called "dark... drifting... severe... stagnant" in the "Must-Read" poetry books of February on [The Millions].

Please read JoAnna Novak's probing insights about Noirmania in this [Chicago Review of Books] interview both before and after you read the book!

Subscriptions for Inside the Castle's 2018 publication suite are now available! Please visit our subscriptions page [here] for more information.

Read an interview with John Trefry by Joseph Schreiber at 3:am magazine [here].

Surprise! In the Desert of Mute Squares the new book of time-thievery by M Kitchell will be available from Inside the Castle on Christmas day 2017.

The first oblate of the annual Castle Freak Remote-Residency for Generative Literature is Mike Kleine. He will be executing his 100k word book Lonely Men Club over 5 days this autumn.

Nympholepsy, an otherworldly collaborative text by Lisa Marie Basile and Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein will be published by Inside the Castle in November 2018.

New writing by Candice Wuehle is on the lovely Occulum journal [here].

Clog, the colossal sister book of Gag will be published by Inside the Castle in July 2018.

The Artifact, the first book composed in English by prolific Spanish writer Germán Sierra will be published by Inside the Castle in October 2018.

Bound, a pop ossuary of poem spectres, and the debut book by writer Candice Wuehle will be published by Inside the Castle in August 2018.

A new review of John Trefry's Plats can be found on the Rough Ghosts book blog [here].

Belfie Hell, a thick and noisy new novel by Shane Jesse Christmass will be published by Inside the Castle in June 2018.

El Cerrito, the debut book by writer and performer Noor Al-Samarrai will be published by Inside the Castle in January 2018.

Announcing the Inside the Castle CASTLE FREAK remote residency program for generative literature! See [here] for more details.

Grant Maierhofer and John Trefry announced as finalists in the 2017 Tarpaulin Sky [Book Prize].

A fascinating review of M Kitchell's Hour of the Wolf by Richard Marshall is on [3:AM Magazine].

Two new reviews of M Kitchell's Hour of the Wolf are up at [Volume One Brooklyn] and [Queen Mobs].

The release of Grant Maierhofer's Gag was featured on [Dennis Cooper's blog].


Books are not places apart from this world. They are impossible places within it.

We do not read to be transported to places that do not exist, but to access places in our lived experience that had not been visible or registered without the incantation of the text.

Consequently, writing is not the shaping of the imagined, but the arrangement of the existing, its reencoding for fresh discovery by the reader.


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