Hour of the Wolf, the new book by M Kitchell is available for purchase HERE.
Ritual of Marne, new fiction by John Trefry, is on Entropy Magazine.
Hour of the Wolf, a hypnagogic story cycle by M Kitchell is due out on December 1, 2016 from Inside the Castle.
The Asterism of Rabies, new fiction by John Trefry, is in Plinth VI.
Plats, by John Trefry (Inside the Castle, 2014), is "Required Reading" at Enclave.

Books are not places apart from this world. They are impossible places within it.

We do not read to be transported to places that do not exist, but to access places in our lived experience that had not been visible or registered without the incantation of the text.

Consequently, writing is not the shaping of the imagined, but the arrangement of the existing, its reencoding for fresh discovery by the reader.


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