splash Plats is the ornate debut novel by John Trefry. A hallucinatory meditation on life in Los Angeles by a schizophrenic consciousness, Plats turns a funhouse mirror on the banality of daily life in the relentless city landscape.

In the tradition of the prose form-making of Michel Butor, Plats is a masonry text built of modular narrative elements and settings, a textual city to be explored by the reader, where in a single breath coexist dusty apartments and vacant beaches, reinvention and suicide, haunting and hiding, endless labor and crippling idleness, mint tea and storm waters.

“The way in which the self notices the surrounding world, sees, notices one’s own self and inhabits a body that perceives so profoundly in language, is explored on a level that becomes haunting, unsettling, yet addicting… this book is both slow and urgent, mesmerizing and hallucinatory.”
-Janice Lee, author of “Damnation” and “The Sky Isn’t Blue”

“Depersonalization and derealization are cardinal features of the schizophrenic experience. In Plats we enter into this anxiety-provoking, frightening world. It’s a fascinating, disquieting journey.”
-Dr. Kayla Bernheim, author of “Schizophrenia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments”

“One of the most original meditations on sensory experience I can recall reading.”
-Joe Milazzo, author of “Crepescule W/ Nellie”

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