Contact Inside the Castle via eeeee mail at press [at] insidethecastle [dot] org.

We are accepting unsolicited, complete manuscripts of adventurous writing. Our books know they are books. They are highly language and format driven, invested in hybrid approaches, prose mistaken for poetry, poetry mistaken for nonfiction. We tend to like novels that could be read starting on any page. We tend not to be enamored by poetry collections, preferring book-length works, but do try to tempt us.

Read an interview with our editor [here] to further familiarize yourself.

Include a cover letter describing the “project” of your writing. The details of plot or character are not of interest to us.
Please familiarize yourself with our literary proclivities.

*For information on the CASTLE FREAK remote residency, please visit [this page].

Butor, Brodsky, Sebald, Joyce, Lynch, Malick,
Mutiilation, Argento, Fulci, Beckett, Simon, Beloved,
Roubaud, Perec, Melville, Incantation, Hejduk, Friedrich,
Lycia, Sokurov, Boullée, Ogre, Huysmans, Beuys

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