splash Coming in April 2017 from Inside the Castle, a new illustrated and encrypted text by Grant Maierhofer. Gag is a sequence of rotting doors/mild suburban hell/rooms lorded over by men of obscenity/a blighted novella/sister book to PX138 3100-2686 User’s Manual/a little limb, little dog/bodies trapped in basements/leather, plastic, film/pile of burnt manuscripts/Artaud’s body writhing on an asylum floor/the outside world of light and terrors/an offensive dictionary/a song of TV’s great criminals/mere book/the acorns on the forgotten grave of Donatien Alphonse François de Sade/a collection of evidence from taped cabinets.

“Strange and severe, reworking language into a series of ritual gestures, Gag takes the words and phrases you thought you knew and with them performs a new way of speaking, one that is sensation-based rather than knowledge-based. Gag is the kind of book that recomposes itself in the compost of your brain so that only days later do you realize what it’s done to you.”
-Brian Evenson, author of “A Collapse of Horses”

“Gag takes place in a haunting and unpredictable world where silence is pure, violence is a career, and everyone is meat. Reading this book is like entering a dream, or a nightmare, depending on the page.”
-Chelsea Hodson, author of “Pity the Animal”

Available April 1, 2017.
splash Hour of the Wolf is a hypnagogic incantation from writer M Kitchell (Spiritual Instrument, Island, Apart From). Robed figures and furry men, ice caves and deserts, god and serpent, shapelessness and sacred geometry, mysterious artifacts and unfolding perceptions coalesce in a pentacle of overlaid story bodies, each sinking deeper into its own true consciousness, while at the same time constructing an indexical sequence of translation from raw sense to mediated artifice, a primer of the dissolution of life into text.

“Clean, chilling prose. A low, cold hum of dread that builds until it opens like a dark refrigerator full of nightmares.”
-Meghan Lamb, author of “Silk Flowers”

“Obsessive, oneiric, beautiful and strange, Hour of the Wolf is a brilliant exploration of the threshold. M Kitchell fractures language and form to create a book that is both a labyrinth and prayer. It is truly special, a searching work, and writing of the highest order.”
-Gregory Howard, author of “Hospice”

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splash Thy Decay Thou Seest By Thy Desire, is a fourth person, discorporating text in 250 parts, a book of meditations for sedentary laborers. A work of unrelenting appropriation and parataxis by John Trefry. Limited to 50 copies.

“The horrors of the internet in book form.”
-Rachael de Moravia, author of “News from the Home Front”

Out of print.

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splash Plats is the ornate debut novel by John Trefry. A hallucinatory meditation on life in Los Angeles by a schizophrenic consciousness, Plats turns a funhouse mirror on the banality of daily life in the relentless city landscape.

In the tradition of the prose form-making of Michel Butor, Plats is a masonry text built of modular narrative elements and settings, a textual city to be explored by the reader, where in a single breath coexist dusty apartments and vacant beaches, reinvention and suicide, haunting and hiding, endless labor and crippling idleness, mint tea and storm waters.

“The way in which the self notices the surrounding world, sees, notices one’s own self and inhabits a body that perceives so profoundly in language, is explored on a level that becomes haunting, unsettling, yet addicting… this book is both slow and urgent, mesmerizing and hallucinatory.”
-Janice Lee, author of “Damnation” and “The Sky Isn’t Blue”

“Depersonalization and derealization are cardinal features of the schizophrenic experience. In Plats we enter into this anxiety-provoking, frightening world. It’s a fascinating, disquieting journey.”
-Dr. Kayla Bernheim, author of “Schizophrenia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments”

“One of the most original meditations on sensory experience I can recall reading.”
-Joe Milazzo, author of “Crepescule W/ Nellie”

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