splash Lonely Men Club is the first book produced as part of the “Castle Freak” Remote Residency for Generative Digital Composition which involves the protagonist constructing a 100,000 word book in 5 days utilizing computer assistance. *721 pages*

“It feels like Michael is falling off the world and grabbing at the bits of debris tumbling about, all around him. And the debris is coming from what he’s done to the world with his book.”
-Ken Sparling, author of “Dad Says He Saw You at the Mall”

“Literature’s richness is in its emptiness, the structural hollowness in the picaresque of Cervantes and Sterne that gives over the entire being of a book to the thickness of its language, not the fidelity of its momentum. And through the iterative and uncertain quality of Lonely Men Club’s computational origins, it is a lovingly reinvigorated model for the picaresque.”
-John Trefry, editor of Inside the Castle

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