splash Hour of the Wolf is a hypnagogic incantation from writer M Kitchell (Spiritual Instrument, Island, Apart From). Robed figures and furry men, ice caves and deserts, god and serpent, shapelessness and sacred geometry, mysterious artifacts and unfolding perceptions coalesce in a pentacle of overlaid story bodies, each sinking deeper into its own true consciousness, while at the same time constructing an indexical sequence of translation from raw sense to mediated artifice, a primer of the dissolution of life into text.

“Clean, chilling prose. A low, cold hum of dread that builds until it opens like a dark refrigerator full of nightmares.”
-Meghan Lamb, author of “Silk Flowers”

“Obsessive, oneiric, beautiful and strange, Hour of the Wolf is a brilliant exploration of the threshold. M Kitchell fractures language and form to create a book that is both a labyrinth and prayer. It is truly special, a searching work, and writing of the highest order.”
-Gregory Howard, author of “Hospice”

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