splash Gag is a sequence of rotting doors/mild suburban hell/rooms lorded over by men of obscenity/a blighted novella/sister book to PX138 3100-2686 User’s Manual/a little limb, little dog/bodies trapped in basements/leather, plastic, film/pile of burnt manuscripts/Artaud’s body writhing on an asylum floor/the outside world of light and terrors/an offensive dictionary/a song of TV’s great criminals/mere book/the acorns on the forgotten grave of Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois de Sade/a collection of evidence from taped cabinets.

“Strange and severe, reworking language into a series of ritual gestures, Gag takes the words and phrases you thought you knew and with them performs a new way of speaking, one that is sensation-based rather than knowledge-based. Gag is the kind of book that recomposes itself in the compost of your brain so that only days later do you realize what it’s done to you.”
-Brian Evenson, author of “A Collapse of Horses”

“Gag takes place in a haunting and unpredictable world where silence is pure, violence is a career, and everyone is meat. Reading this book is like entering a dream, or a nightmare, depending on the page.”
-Chelsea Hodson, author of “Pity the Animal”

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